New Leadership Team for BCN

BCN managing directors, Burkhard Graßmann and Michael Samak, position and consolidate Burda’s marketer for the future and could win recognized experts for three central management positions.   ... more

BCN and freundin stage the Karstadt Fashion Label SHE

The development of an individual cross-media campaign for Karstadt’s own fashion label “She” – this was the challenge Karstadt confronted Burda’s marketer BCN with. The aim was to use the creative and media competence of the Burda media brands ... more

Mein schönes Land XMAS Special

The issues Mein schönes Land 06/17 and the specialXMAS issue of Mein schönes Land are dedicated to the most beautiful time of the year.   ... more

TV Spielfilm plus turns products into real eye-catchers

TV SPIELFILM plus offers with the cut-out ad for the first time a combination between print and digital special advertising formats.   ... more

LAE 2017: FOCUS belongs to the top group of decision-maker media

594,000 decision-makers read FOCUS. The news magazine reaches every fifth reader in this high-profile target group and is ranked second in the ranking of decision-maker media.   ... more with a new look and feel and new topics

The new digital SUPERillu addresses all the users who love life, their country and its people; the site is dealing with country-related topics and the regions between Rügen and the Erz Mountains:   ... more

ma vie topic cooperations

ma vie is an invitation to take your time and reflect: where do I stand in my life, which new ideas are inspiring me and how can I share them with other people. Nature & environmental awareness as well as sustainability play an important part. ... more extends its portfolio

The online portal extends its offer by additional service and advice topics. The four new channels “Feel fit“, “Family“, “Fashion“ and “Beauty“ turn the people and entertainment brand into the content destination for women in Germany. A ... more

New Series Format: Donna Date

You would like to communicate that your product is really good value for money and push sales? Then use the new video-format “DONNA-Date” on   ... more

Burda founded b.famous content studios

Burda’s central marketer BCN and the content marketing agency C3, which is part of the Burda group network, are jointly founding the b.famous content studios for content-driven campaigns. The joint venture is intended to link even more closely the ... more