Bunte.de: A Myriad of Editorial Specials Planned for 2017

BUNTE turns occasions into events and does not miss out on any celebrities’ events. BUNTE is close at the heart of action when stars reveal facts about their lives or when new talents arise.   Through our far-reaching network we are in close ... more

With Volkswagen Through the Festive Season

For Christmas, BCN and Bunte have put together a special communication package for the customer Volkswagen within a very short time. Bunte readers and Bunte.de users were animated to submit creative contributions and were richly rewarded for ... more

MA 2017 I: Burda Brands Are Growing

Consumer publications remain an integral part of the media usage of the German population. Several Burda titles increased their coverage – this is what the coverage figures published on 25 January 2017 by the German working group Media Analysis ... more

New InStyle.de Record – 5 Million Visits

Instyle.de has every reason to celebrate! With five million visits (IVW December 2016) the digital offer of the fashion magazine rockets to new heights – and expands the digital market leadership of the medium. The website had undergone a complete ... more

InStyle festival-special

Supplement for issue 6/2017   In our supplement for InStyle 6/2017, we´ll be getting in the groove for the festival season. We´ll be giving our readers the lowdown on this year’s festival season and what they really should not miss.   ... more

InStyle Living-Special

In our supplement for InStyle 11/2017, we´ll be dedicating ourselves heart and soul to interiors that inspire.   Our guide to the latest trends will be showing the best decor tips, home accessories – such as table cloths, cutlery, crockery, ... more

InStyle shopping deals

From issue 02/17 onwards we will be running a new section: InStyle Shopping Deals.   ... more

InStyle christmas-special

Supplement with issue 12/2017:   In our supplement to 12/2017, we spirit our InStyle readers away into a magical world of gifts. We reveals the best tips for gifts to make you and other people happy.   ... more

InStyle style manual

Stand-alone for issue 5/2017   In a comprehensive stand-alone, we will be dedicating ourselves to the 2017 fashion trends. We will show the best styles and looks for a wide variety of occasions.   Over 150 looks to try: for a job ... more

Hessnatur & BCN: From Eco to Fashion Label

By means of a print and online image campaign BCN stages the label Hessnatur as a first-class fashion player: under the motto “The Nature of Style” the campaign emphasizes the USP of the brand and extends it by style and fashion awareness. ... more