Playboy Germany is breaking new ground: Its design, structure and visual language have been revamped completely. Playboy will first sport its new look in issue 01/2017 published on 8 December. It also has a new tagline: “Everything men love” ... more

Union Investment „saves“ with BCN

Burda Community Network (BCN) started the "Saving with investment funds" campaign of Union Investment with an eye-catching special in Focus magazine. The campaign started in issue 9 of the Focus magazine with a corner advertisement on ... more

1. Health Lab by Burda: The successful premiere of a new event format in the health industry

BurdaLife and BCN welcomed last week in Munich an exclusive circle of experts and decision-makers in the health and pharmaceutical industry as well as the healthcare marketing to the “1st Health Lab by Burda”.   ... more

UNION INVESTMENT effectively leverages BURDA’s integrated native advertising campaign

Accompanying study reveals strong on- and offline performance proven by a seven times longer retention time   Native advertising works across all media – how well, shows the study to a current integrated campaign of Hubert Burda Media ... more

BCN and BULGARI: Ad Special causes change of perspective on ELLE cover

Cover highlight: For its new jewellery collection, Bulgari implemented together with BCN (Burda Community Network) an eye-catching ad special.  The “lenticular cover” of the subscription circulation of ELLE 11/2015 shows depending on the visual ... more

ADAC Publishing House and BCN announce cooperation in the advertising market

The major European automobile association ADAC and Burda‘s advertising sales specialist BCN agreed to enter a strategic partnership: the ADAC publishing house commissioned BCN to open up new markets and acquire new customers for the ADAC ... more

Test winning robor vacuum sweeps consumers off their feet

BCN developed for the robotic vacuum cleaner “Kobold VR200” an integrated campaign, which combines word-of-mouth, special advertising formats and social media.   ... more

CD and BURDA promote “The pure life”

Body care brand CD sets hopes high on integrated video content campaign   The body care products manufacturer Lornamead strikes out on new paths in its communication strategy: for the first time the manufacturer of the body care brand CD ... more

Integrated native advertising supports Deutsche Bahn Campaign

“This time belongs to you.” This is the motto of the new campaign launched by Deutsche Bahn (DB – the German Railways) and supported by Hubert Burda Media with an exclusive, large-scale native advertising campaign. Responsible for concept and ... more

BCN assumes marketing for Hearst Magazines International in Germany

Strong tailwind for the international business of BCN (Burda Community Network): The central advertising marketer of Hubert Burda Media gained Hearst Magazines International as a new client. BCN is now responsible for the print and online ... more