Antje Polack: My Mission is...

In our section "LOOK! I AM BCN." we introduce you to the concept-creators and the difference-makers at BCN. Who are the people that you meet at BCN? What motivates them and what would BCN do without them?
May we introduce today: Antje Polack, Client Service Manager Fashion & Luxury: 
1. Do you remember what your first word was?
No, I was too young to remember, but it was to 99% mummy and my mother wouldn’t tell me anything else… -)
2. When you think of your home, which images do you have in mind?
Gently sloping hills with castles and fortresses left and right. The famous Thuringian poets and thinkers used to ride along those slopes in former times. In my days, we already had cars - unfortunately…
3. You as an expert in the fashion & luxury industry, please tell us which fashion style you never want to see again?
I have so often been proven wrong before – because in fashion everything comes back at some point. Even the ever so scorned leggings come back from time to time. But they look really hot compared to carrot pants…
4. What was the worst piece of garment you ever had to wear and when was that?
That was a pair of extreme bloomers, that I wore 25 years ago which catapulted me into an alternative corner, although I never was that. Today these trousers are indeed to be found again, but in the meantime they are known as harem trousers or Sarouel trousers. … Pretty unsexy still…
5. Whom would you like to give a complete make-over?
This is a vast field, since there are several persons in public broadcasting and politics who could do with a makeover. But I prefer to stay discreet and will not mention any names.
6. Complete the sentence please: “BCN is FOR me…”
...a large pool of daily new challenges!
7. Complete the sentence please: “BCN would be WITHOUT me…“
...half that loud and funny (if I’m allowed to)
8. What do you think is currently the biggest challenge for the media & communications industry?
To really understand how people communicate today and especially how people will communicate in the future.
9. Sell us the magazine Harper's Bazaar in one sentence!
Harper's Bazaar is the Fashion Resource for women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture!
10. Continue as you like: “In New York…”
...I started my honeymoon in October. NY + me = we
10 1/2. Draw us a selfie.
Drawing is something I would still like to learn…
11. Who of your colleagues would you like to nominate for the next episode?
I would like to nominate Stephan Altmann.