Minou Maleki: My Mission is...

In our section "LOOK! I AM BCN." we introduce you to the concept-creators and the difference-makers at BCN. Who are the people that you meet at BCN? What motivates them and what would BCN do without them?
May we introduce: Minou Maleki, Revenue Manager Media Supply Munich:
1. What was your first music tape or CD?
I think it was Scooter’s Hyper Hyper, followed closely by Fun Factory with Close To You. Even back then I had an incredibly good taste in music!
2. When you think of your childhood, which images do you have in mind?
When I think of my childhood, I can see the Harz mountains with all the dams, strawberry fields and the donkey Betty which I had in care.
3. Is there anything you would you like to learn, but you did not have the time to do so far?
Knitting. This should not be that difficult – so I’ve been told.
4. You as the Countess Number (at BCN), what are you counting before falling asleep? Or maybe you know a better trick than sheep counting?
If sheep counting does not help, just go for a run. This clears the mind and you will sleep wonderfully if you’re exhausted.
5. TOP SECRET: Your bullshit bingo favorites from the realm of annual agreements and negotiations of terms and conditions?
Well, my favorite is the classic: “Because the others do it the same way”. What am I supposed to reply to that as Countess Number?
6. Complete the sentence please: “BCN is FOR me…”
...the place to be.
7. Complete the sentence please: “BCN would be WITHOUT me…“
...less merry.
8. What do you think is currently the biggest challenge for the media & communications industry?
One of the major challenges is to keep in mind what really matters and focus on the essentials.
9. Sell us the magazine Freizeit Revue in one sentence!
FREIZEIT REVUE is not only market leader in its segment offering cross-media communication solutions - FREIZEIT REVUE is the entertainment original for smart agers, a very brand-conscious target group.
10. Continue as you like: “On Wednesday…“
...it is the middle of the week.
10 1/2. Draw us a selfie.
11. Who of your colleagues would you like to nominate for the next episode?
I nominate my dear colleague Antje Polack.