Udo Radzio: My mission is...

In our new section "LOOK! I AM BCN. " we introduce you to the concept-creator and the difference-maker at BCN. Who are the people that you meet at BCN: What motivates them and what distinguishes them?
May we introduce, Udo Radzio, Head of Client Services Leisure & Living:
1. Do you know what your first word was that you said?
My mother claims it was "Mama"; my father says: "Papa"
2. If you think of your home, which images do you have in mind?
My parents, friends for life, "our" football field
3. What would you like to learn, but you have not yet found the time?
Kite-surfing, Italian, guitar
4. You as an expert in the industry Leisure & Living, which is your favorite piece of furniture?
The Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen. As with its row of chairs "Series 7" (the best-selling chair in the world!) the designer Arne Jacobsen succeeded in 1958 to create a classic that even today still fits in any modern designed living room and guarantees an eye-catcher. What makes the furniture special: The EGG consists only of curves, but its design does not look too playful, but concise and clear. "The EGG" is still sold by the company Fritz Hansen!
5. Imagine, you could immediately travel alone for a week, where would you go and why?
To the Great Barrier Reef - because it is unbelievable what nature has created there
6. Complete the sentence please: "BCN is FOR me ..."
Much more than just 3 letters
7. Complete the sentence please: "BCN would be WITHOUT me ..."
Less lifeblood
8. What do you think is currently the biggest challenge for the media and communications industry?
To replace crumbling revenues of the "old" world through new
9. Sell us the Coffee Table Magazine PLACES of Spirit in one sentence!
PLACES of Spirit is the only magazine in the market, which is itself a "Place of Spirit"
10. Continue as you like: "In Cape Town ..."
I would like to be the head of the BCN office of South Africa
10 ½. Draw a Selfie.
11. Who of your colleagues would you like to nominate for the next episode?
Julia Föhl (Assistant to Managing Director/ CEO)