Ute Veyhl: My mission is...

In our section "LOOK! I AM BCN." we introduce you to the concept-creators and the difference-makers at BCN. Who are the people that you meet at BCN? What motivates them and what distinguishes them?

May we introduce: Ute Veyhl, Project Manager Production Management
1. Do you remember what your first word was?
I don’t know exactly, it has been quite a while ago… Maybe it was Eva – this is my twin sister’s name.
2. What was your favourite ritual as a child?
I remember many beautiful holidays at Lake Constance. That came as close as it can get to a family ritual… We are still doing it.
3. What kind of music are you listening to when driving?
I spend a lot of time in my car, hm... It depends… The radio is on most of the time, so I would say that I like to be surprised and I am listening to whatever the radio is playing.
4. What makes you grumpy?
Bad weather and bad food.
5. Please tell us as the ad special expert that you are, which ad special format is your favourite and which clever arguments would you use to sell it to the customer?
The sampling presenter is my favourite ad special at the moment! I think it is a great format because it offers new and extraordinary presentation possibilities for product samples in magazines!
6. Sell us the magazine FREUNDIN in one sentence! 
The magazine FREUNDIN lives up to its name – it is like a good friend which you can carry in your bag. It informs, entertains and makes you lose track of time. Just like a real friend.
7. Apart from BCN and its marketing portfolio, which other product would you be able to market immediately? – And the other way around: which products would go into the red in your vendor’s tray?
I am certainly not a born salesperson, but if I could sell something, then probably shoes - because I cannot have enough of them!
Insurances on the other hand would be rather unsuitable products for me to sell. I would lack the necessary persuasiveness in this case.
8. Complete the sentence please: “BCN would be WITHOUT me…”
…poorer by a creative employee and maybe a little bit less colourful?
9. What do you think is currently the biggest challenge for the media & communications industry?
In my opinion, the biggest challenge is currently to excel through quality in the innumerable and diverse media channels. Quality is important because it builds up trust, and we tend to fall back upon trusted things over and over again.
10. Continue as you like: “My driving style…”
…is often too speedy rather than slow, what people don’t really expect from me.
10 1/2. Draw us a selfie

Who of your colleagues would you like to nominate for the next sequel?
Larissa Staadtlich