Verena von Prittwitz: My mission is...

In our new section "LOOK! I AM BCN." we introduce you to the concept-creator and the difference-maker at BCN. Who are the people that you meet at BCN? What motivates them and what would BCN do without them?
May we introduce today: Verena von Prittwitz, Client Service Manager Telco & Technologies/ Automotive raves for Knight Rider and wants a car with which she always has the right of way.
1. Do you know what your first word was that you said?
With six kids that's probably gone down
2. If you think of your home, which images do you have in mind?
3. What would you like to learn, but you have not yet found the time?
Spanish - this is - considering my passion for traveling - still missing in my suitcase
4. You as an expert in the industry Automotive, what invention would you come up with for vehicles?
A car with which I have the right of way
5. And what is your favorite car series?
There is nothing like Knight Rider - K.I.T.T., me and Turbo Boost!
6. You do not only know about cars, but also Telco & Technologies. Do you read instructions?
That is the "Kinder Surprise" (note: german chocolate with an surprise in it) discipline - getting everything to work out without reading the instructions is royal league
7. Complete the sentence please: "BCN is FOR me ..." a second clique
8. Complete the sentence please: "BCN would be WITHOUT me ..."
...poorer by a sunshine
9. What do you think is currently the biggest challenge for the media & communications industry?
10. Sell us the magazine PLAYBOY in one sentence!
Playboy knows how to put precious things in scene
11. Continue as you like: "In Honolulu..."
…opens a BCN office? Then I gladly move my morning surf session from Eisbach to Waikiki Beach
11 1/2.  Draw a Selfie.
12. Who of your colleagues would you like to nominate for the next episode?
I am looking forward to Diana Wolke