Wolfgang Pietschmann: My Mission is...

In our section "LOOK! I AM BCN." we introduce you to the concept-creators and the difference-makers at BCN. Who are the people that you meet at BCN? What motivates them and what distinguishes them?
May we introduce today: Wolfgang Pietschmann, Media Sales Manager Düsseldorf.
1 – When you were a child, were you a rebel or rather an innocent choirboy?
A rebel – especially when it came to music! 
2 - When you think of your home, which images come to your mind?
I lived in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Düsseldorf so far.
I kept of course in good memory many friends, towns, country-sides and people (e.g. Nordheide, Brunsberg, Heidschnucken, the rivers Neckar, Main, Elbe, the port, the Reeperbahn, the fish market, the Außenalster, the Rhine, the Gehry houses, the German music band Die Toten Hosen etc.), languages and dialects (the Hessian accent or the North German dialect) as well as football clubs such as VFB, Stuttgarter Kickers, Frankfurter Eintracht and Löwen, Frankfurt Galaxy, HSV, Düsseldorf Rheinfire, Fortuna, Schalke, Gladbach and many more. 
3 – You live and work in Düsseldorf, are you a carnival jester?
I am not a carnival jester. Nevertheless, I enjoy partying together with the carnival people – sometimes even with friends in Rio de Janeiro.
4 – Which unusual product would you be able to market immediately? 
E-commerce shop concepts for football events or for Mexican sombreros – offline as well as digital and mobile.
5 – There are rumours that you own an old motor bike! Have you undertaken longer tours with it and if yes, where to?
Since 1986 I own a black Yamaha XT 600 with a small tank – construction year 1985!
For 10 years I made tours to the Lake Maggiore at least once a year. The tour was hard and strenuous: I was motorcycling 8 hours a day for 4 days at a row. There were some winding roads there, some with 270 degrees bends!
I have other exciting hobbies as well. I enjoy being outdoors.
6 - Complete the sentence please: “BCN would be WITHOUT me…”
... poorer by an all-round talent!”
7 – What is your constant companion in your car and why?
Music, currently Linkin Park, will.i.am & Britney Spears (Scream and Shout), Die Toten Hosen, Pink Floyd, Die Ärzte, 2Raumwohnung, Beatsteaks, Placebo, Cowboy Troy etc.!
8 - The choice is yours – either or… or maybe even both? 
9 - Continue as you wish: “My colleagues…
...are just great – a fantastic team!”
10 - Whom would you like to nominate for the next sequel?
Susanne Müller