Backingcard – The outstanding ad special helps to achieve true greatness

The backing card is an eye-catcher by all means. Due to its versatility, the ad special awakens the curiosity of the reader, raises awareness and represents a very special form of advertising. Adrian Peipp, Head of Client Services Retail, tells us why the backing card is his favourite ad special.


“The backing card is an insert made of heavyweight paper. It leads the attention to the advertised product and helps the magazine in which it is embedded to true greatness. The backing card protrudes two centimeters above the gutter and catches the attention of the reader immediately. Integrated loosely into the magazine, it can be taken out easily and can be used as a bookmark, for example.
The special feature of the backing card is its variety in design! The protrusion could be die-cut or in addition to the upper protrusion it can also protrude at the side of the magazine. There are also backing cards running on several pages or even with removable stickers. A special form is the coupon backing card. Due to perforations the coupons can be easily taken out.
A real highlight for our readers is the integration of product samples. Thus a nail polish sample can be glued to the protrusion or a lip gloss could be integrated into a folding box. Little presents keep the friendship alive…
The variety in design and the increased customer awareness make the backing card to my absolutely favourite ad special.”