Flap. Fold. Pull - The perfect stage for your brand is set

Print is growing steadily. Panorama ad formats are the most obvious example in this respect. For Christian Rademacher, Head of Media Sales, Hamburg / Berlin, XXL ads have hit qualities.


Why? – He reveals us the reasons in our “MY FAVOURITE AD SPECIAL”:
“Big space for big brands and big ideas! The mega formats are ideally suited for a generous and expressive visual language and are the perfect stage for emotional brand and product presentations. The underlying mechanism is simple and effective at the same time. The large format of the ad theme on the pages which are folded into one another reveals itself only after unfolding.
I am particularly fascinated by the catwalk spread! This innovative ad format created in our own company wins over with an ad space of 12 pages at a stretch. Fully unfolded it offers advertisers the possibility to present their brand and products on an almost one meter wide space. Our wide spectrum of titles offers each industry sector the ideal platform for this kind of presentation. Have a look at our photo gallery, in order to get a better understanding.”