Fold open. Stand out. - Pop-Up: Birgit Böhm's Ad Special Highlight

An advertising form which is impossible to ignore: pop-ups stand out by themselves in magazines when the readers open the bound-in inserts into which they are integrated. Birgit Böhm, Head of BCN Client Services Beauty explains in our “MY FAVOURITE AD SPECIAL” section why pop-up inserts are an indispensable element in every media planning:


“Pop-ups – the first thing that everyone associates with them are the somewhat irritating online ads. But pop-ups are by no means the invention of web marketing. With BCN they have a long and very successful tradition – I am talking about the advertising elements in magazines which are standing up by themselves by means of special folding techniques, as soon as the readers open the bound-in inserts into which they are integrated.
There are innumerable variations: multi pop-ups, surprise pop-ups, manual pop-ups and many more. In the case of the opening pop-up for example, the reader has to fold-open the flap, so that the pop-up element can stand up.
The advantages for the advertisers are obvious: by the use of a pop-up element the advertisement is highly visible – it literally catches the eye of the reader. Furthermore the recognition value of the product is extremely high due to the exact and faithful product reproduction. Moreover the playful aspect comes into focus here: the readers develop a tendency to play with the pop-up element. No wonder that the pop-up is and remains the classic among the ad specials and is used for advertisements across all industry sectors.”