The Bookmark Ad Special - Practical Tool in Everyday Life - Silver Bullet Solution for Ensuring Brand Loyalty

Advertising can hardly occur in a more useful form than that of a bookmark. It only has to be inserted either in a book or magazine which only has to be closed and the effective image give-away is ready to use. Nadine Dreyer, Head of Media Sales Munich/ Stuttgart, explains how advertising companies can leave a lasting impression with bookmarks.


“Bookmark sounds at first like old-school. But so small and insignificant it may seem, it is always in the focus of the beholder and enjoys a top placement. Every time the reader takes up his reading, the bookmark catches the eye. This is what makes it to an ideal ad special for advertisers.
Besides its regular, rectangular form, the brand reminder can also be designed individually, for example in the form of an olive oil bottle. Then it is immediately clear what product it advertises. The traditional ribbon can turn into a shoelace and the bookmark can also appear in the form of a luggage tag. Also when selecting the material the possibilities are virtually endless. How about a bookmark, consisting of the original packaging of a chocolate bar?
Another version could be a teaser in form of a flag made of paper or fabric which is pasted on the ad and is peeping out of the magazine. This makes the reader curious and leads him directly to the ad display page. A cover gate can also be used as a bookmark. In this case a flap is integrated on the second cover page, which the reader can turn onto any other page. This serves the purpose of a bookmark, and the reader comes frequently into contact with the advertised product.
Bookmarks as ad specials are a major advantage in terms of brand loyalty. If they are designed in a creative and original manner they often last longer than the magazines with which they were purchased.”