The Jumping Sample – and Other Eye-Catching Samples - Heide Reichmanns favourite

Ad specials with integrated samples are a form of advertising which can hardly be avoided. Samples and coupons are the best possible way to literally bring the consumer closer to a certain brand. Heide Reichmann, Head of Media Sales Frankfurt, explains the characteristics of her FAVOURITE AD SPECIAL based on the example of the “Jumping Sample”.


“The Jumping Sample guarantees a surprising effect. As the name implies, the product sample literally jumps against the reader. This is made possible by the integration of a mobile folding mechanism. The jumping sample placed in the middle of a four-page insert confers the advertising campaign an astonishing and eye-catching effect. Strongest USP is the adhesive-free placement. The product sample requires no adhesive surface and therefore no placeholders. No valuable space is wasted and the entire display area can be fully used.
In addition to the "Jumping Sample" there are numerous other ad specials, where samples can be integrated. The “Sampling Presenter”, for example. Here the product sample slides over the edge of the magazine when the supplement is flapped open: surprising and effective in terms of reader involvement. Coupons also fall in the category of integrated product samples which readers always like to use. Depending on topic and industry, different ad specials can be provided with appropriate samples in order to give the reader an added value - always keeping the target group in mind.”