2. Health Lab by Burda

BCN and the four national media groups of Hubert Burda Media invited to the second Health Lab by Burda, an exclusive industry event that took place in the Upside East in Munich last Thursday. 140 guests, experts and decision-makers from the healthcare sector, from the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare marketing use the event as an innovative platform for information, inspiration and networking.


Burda board director Philipp Welte emphasized in his introduction and welcome speech to the Health Lab the parallel between the fundamental changes these two industries are facing due to digitalization. The media and the healthcare sector are both facing huge challenges: “We are all looking for strategies that lead to economic success in the 21st century and in the struggle for future, technology is a decisive factor”, says Welte.
Strategies for the health care sector
What is the impact of digital technology on the health care sector? Which business models will be replaced or complemented? How does the “smart patient” change the health care communication? All these questions were at the forefront of the 2. Health Lab by Burda. In an attractive mix of networking, presentations and a “private expo” of founders and thinkers the Health Lab by Burda offered its guests interesting and multi-facetted insights into the near future of the health care market and the in-depth changes it is undergoing. Dr. Oliver Leisse, Managing Director and founder of the trend research institute “see more”, demonstrated in an impressive way the changed conditions under which physicians, pharmacists, medical technicians and the pharmaceutical industry have to turn their products and business models as well as their way of thinking and working upside down in order to have a future. Prof. Dr. Doris Schaeffer from the University of Bielefeld presented a study on health literacy, which has shown an extreme deficit in the health competency of the population in Germany. In this context, the scientist complains of a lack of comprehensibility of health information, which needs to be improved especially with the help of digitalization.
Technology-driven innovations determine the future
Dr. Florian Weiß, Managing Director of Jameda GmbH the leading online physician rating platform referred to the changed physician-patient relationship due to digitalization. “Medical practices that do not reach their patients via the Internet will not survive”, Weiß says. Jameda wants to assist physicians in the digitalization of their relationships with the patients and has acquired the company Patientus at the beginning of 2017. This provides a secure infrastructure for online consultation hours, which are to be reimbursed by statutory health insurance funds for physicians starting from mid-2017 onwards. The concluding highlight of Health Lab 2017 was the presentation of Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck, mathematician, former chief technology officer at IBM and “out-of-the-box” thinker. Dueck commented on the digital disruption phenomenon from a completely different perspective. Humorously but concise and to the point he presented his ideas to improve the world, especially in the health sector. In a “Private Expo” area, Health Lab guests were able to inform themselves on products and services offered by innovative eHealth start-ups: Kaia Health presented an app-based therapy for the relief of chronic back pain, Preventicus displayed developments such as the “Heartbeats” app, Smart Patient showed the app “MyTherapy”, Moodpath an app for early detection of depression, or the Icaros Challenge, a multi-dimensional mobile simulator, which trains through virtual reality body and mind.
High relevance and resonance
“The 2 Health Lab by Burda was a very successful sequel of the premiere in 2016”, Kay Labinsky, initiator and BurdaLife Managing Director rejoices. “The number of participants, experts and decision-makers at the Health Lab has doubled compared to last year. This confirms the high relevance of such an exclusive platform for the future of the health care market and also our mission as media & tech company to assume a leading role in this respect”, emphasizes Labinsky. “The health care sector is already today a top revenue generator and will dominate the advertising market in future especially in view of the demographic developments,” BCN Managing Director and host Michael Samak says. “Burda reaches via its media brands about 53 million consumers in Germany and sells about 320 million magazines per year. Burda, in particular, has a journalistic core competency in the field of health and offers the optimal advertising solutions for the target groups of the health care sector,” says Samak.