BCN & Deutsche Post: Trend-Setting in Print

Last year Burda's central marketer invited Deutsche Post to a creative day and together with representatives of the Burda brands developed individual and creative ideas for the communicative challenges of the logistics and mailing company. Various approaches were the source of the Innovation Report in FOCUS and SUPERillu.


Native Advertising
The two media brands are presenting Deutsche Post as an innovative company in a 12-page special integrated into the magazine SUPERillu and in a booklet inserted into the magazine FOCUS. Whether transporting packages with mini helicopters or environmentally friendly e-bikes and street scooters - Deutsche Post is ground-breaking with the range of its innovative products. The Innovation Report provides the perfect frame for the communication of complex topics in the form of native advertising and explains the business of the largest parcel and mail delivery service provider in Germany. The commercial content seamlessly integrates into the advertising environment after being edited and adapted to the layout of the respective magazine.
Focus presents Deutsche Post in a special edition by means of info graphics.
SUPERillu, the most widely read magazine in the East German federal states also aligns the content of the special and integrates an article on DHL’s European aviation hub in Leipzig. According to the brand essence, the articles focus on the people at Deutsche Post. The product was realized by MediaSolutions. FOCUS conveys the content around Deutsche Post DHL AG in the well-known manner of the news magazine – making use of many info graphics and short, witty texts.
Sustainable communication
“Only print can offer this successful combination between native advertising and uncomplicated user scenario. Topics that require explanation can thus be communicated in a sustainable manner”, Carsten Paul, Client Service Manager Finance & Services explains.
The customer is thrilled and refers to the project as a new benchmark in the commercial partnership with publishers: “The Innovation Report is a really appealing and in every respect target-oriented product, developed in an excellent and professional collaboration” Martin Dopychai, Senior Vice President Post - eCommerce – Parcel says. A further creative day with the Deutsche Post shall take place in the next few weeks.