BCN publishes Ad Impact Study: Advertorials are the best form to advertise complex products

For quite some time now advertorials had been considered as obsolete. The more surprising are therefore the results of a recent ad impact study conducted by Burda Community Network (BCN) according to which advertorials had been rated very highly by readers: the advertising form is perceived as being of high-quality, competent and above all trustworthy. Due to these qualities, advertorials are the best choice when attempting to convey complex information. Furthermore they are able to positively influence image factors. “The study shows that advertorials are an effective and up-to-date form of advertising”, says BCN Managing Director Andreas Schilling. “This is a valuable insight in the context of a steadily growing demand for explanatory advertising forms”.
In cooperation with LBS, BCN surveyed the impact of different types of advertorials and of a classical 1/1 ad – for one and the same product. A total of 240 test persons participated in the survey. While the classical ad was only associated with the LBS home loan and savings line of business, in the case of the advertorials, the readers remembered particularly well details about the “Wohnriester” topic (building financing with government aid). Moreover, advertorials influence readers in their actions. 56 per cent of the survey participants would go to the website of the company, 65 per cent would request detailed information about the advertised service or product. Advertorials work particularly well, if they are integrated into the layout of the magazine. The strength of classical ads on the other hand lies in raising awareness metrics. Because here the sender of the message is easily recognizable and readers know at once who is advertising for what. “The comparison of the two forms of advertising demonstrates how important it is to choose the appropriate form of advertising in order to achieve the desired impact”, Andreas Schilling says.
Please find the complete study as pdf file on the right side.


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