Print without Printing – “Natural” Ad Special in freundin

Like brand, like advertisement. The new print ad special Invisible Ad produced by BCN, Adtech Factory and the creative agency McCann is just like the product it advertises: one hundred per cent natural and free of harmful ingredients. The innovative ad insert for the L’Oréal Botanicals Fresh Care coriander starch intensive treatment shampoo created in an exclusive embossing technique appears in the women’s magazine Freundin. BCN and the Creative Services team of the Adtech Factory demonstrate with this ad special how successful advertising can communicate the core message of a particular product in classical ad formats.


Creative print advertising
“This ad special is a genuine innovation in terms of print advertising – creative, outstanding and perfectly customized to the advertised product”, says Michael Samak, Managing Director of BCN. “The print insert is not only visually very appealing, but also convinces due to its natural and unique haptic.”
L’Oréal Botanicals Fresh Care is completely free of harmful ingredients and uses only natural ingredients. The insert is likewise not printed but embossed and well legible due to the natural interplay of light and shadow. In this form the insert is proof of the fact that even in digital times print advertising can be innovative and tell fascinating stories.
Product and advertising in perfect harmony
“No pigments, no silicones, no parabens, no mineral-oils, no concerns, no chi-chi” is the text of the advertisement insert and it reflects the purity of the advertised product. In addition to the embossed text, the L’Oréal Botanicals shampoo bottle is also embossed. Furthermore there are no further eye-catchers or oversized logos. Thus product, message, insert and production are in perfect harmony focussing on the USP “naturalness”.
L’Oréal Botanicals offers products made of purely natural resources. We offer the matching advertising and transfer this emotional value to the brand focussing the message on this brand promise, Ralf Zilligen, Executive Creative Director McCann explains. “Truth Well Told has always been the leitmotif of our agency. This is also the motto of the print insert that makes the reader feel why this shampoo is so special. We deliver thus a truthful and authentic statement on the success of a unique product.”