Stefan Zarnic leaves BCN

After more than two years Stefan Zarnic, Managing Director Digital Burda Community Network (BCN) - Burda’s central advertising sales unit, leaves the company of his own accord on 31 May 2017.
The main tasks of Stefan Zarnic included the consistent effort to turn BCN into a multichannel marketer, the development of digital marketing and of a premium programmatic strategy. Zarnic joined BCN as Director Next Media in July 2015 and took over the position of Managing Director Digital at the beginning of 2016. Prior to that he was Vice President Publisher Management at Interactive Media and developed the programmatic buying department. Zarnic leads the focus group programmatic advertising within the German Federal Association of Digital Economy.
“The time at BCN was incredibly exciting. It has been a great pleasure to align the strong media brands and the premium environments to digital communication. I would like to thank my team and all my colleagues for the excellent cooperation.”
Stefan Zarnic
“We thank Stefan Zarnic for his great commitment during the last two years. He has successfully launched the digital marketing of BCN and we shall continue to follow this path. We wish Stefan Zarnic the best of success for his professional future.”
Burkhard Graßmann
Managing Director Burkhard Graßmann takes over the responsibility from Stefan Zarnic for the development of digital marketing for BCN. Graßmann was a member of the Executive Board at T-Online for seven years and during this time he has also built up the successful digital marketing company Interactive Media in Germany.