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passion for people


  • market leader: with 443,472 sold copies BUNTE is number one in the people segment with regard to circulation. (source: IVW IV/2017)
  • passion for people: BUNTE represents a unique kind of people journalism and is a fixture among publications about social communications and society.
  • BUNTE is the largest cross-media brand platform in the German people segment.


Since more than 60 years BUNTE is the magazine for high professional and current coverage. BUNTE’s success is based on the keen journalistic instinct to choose the right issues and the magazine’s focus on highly topical stories.
At a reach 4,43 million readers and a sold circulation of 468.710 copies. BUNTE is number one among people magazines. BUNTE is the multi-media brand platform with great reach and the media brand for cross-media campaigns.


  • Frequency: weekly
  • Day of publication: Thursday
  • Copyprice: 3.70
  • Basic rate (1/1 page 4c): 38,600 € 1)
  • Sold circulation:  443,472 2)
  • Editor-in-chief: Robert Pölzer
1)Prices valid from 01.01.2018.,2)IVW IV/2017


International Sales

Readers profile

  Mill. % Index
Total 4.43 100.00  
Women 3.60 81.37 160
40-59 years 1.58 35.60 104
Secondary modern school 1.33 30.17 101
Net income      
1.500 up to 2.500 € 1.25 28.29 104
Source: ma 2017 II

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