das schmeckt! - Shop smart, cook with fun

das schmeckt! –
Shop smart, cook with fun

Why das schmeckt!?

  • Exclusive distribution channel & eye-catching placement in immediate product proximity in more than 7,000 EDEKA markets.
  • Influences the buying decision on the spot: reaches families and gourmets exactly at the place where they decide which products and brands they are buying: the supermarket.
  • Attractive target group: the EDEKA buyer attaches great importance to quality and diversity, but also to practical aspects such as everyday use.
  • Diversity of topics: “DAS SCHMECKT” convinces thematically with a walk through the supermarket. It displays everything from seasonal cuisine and everyday cooking to shopping list check and regional diversity.


The name speaks for itself: “DAS SCHMECKT. Shop smart, cook with fun” is the new high-quality and hip gourmet magazine in the Burda Food.net portfolio. The editorial concept resembles a gourmet tour through an excellently sorted supermarket.

"DAS SCHMECKT!" is the new food magazine addressing...

... an active, sophisticated category of buyers, who regard cooking not only as necessity, but also as pleasure. They are in constant search of new sources of inspiration an their expectation to find new impulses is high. Equally important are the high standards in terms of quality and sustainability.


  • Frequency: 13 x/year
  • Day of publication: Wednesday
  • Copyprice: 3.50 €
  • Basic rate (1/1 page 4c): 11,000 € 1)
  • Sold circulation:  35,000 2)
  • Editor-in-Chief: Anke Krohmer
1)Prices valid from 01.01.2018.,2)Printed Circulation = Publisher's Statement


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