ELLE DECORATION - Stylish living.

Stylish living.


  • ELLE DECORATION publishes sophisticated worlds of interior design and luxury on all channels – print and digital.
  • ELLE DECORATION is elegant, modern and style-conscious, focusing on true values yet remaining open for new concepts.
  • Circulation: ELLE DECORATION is market leader at newsstand and subscription.


Market leader in coverage within the high price interior magazines in Germany. With ELLE DECORATION you are reaching more readers per issue than with the two main competitors together. (594,737 readers; source AWA 2017)


ELLE DECORATION shows the most beautiful and most interesting decorating styles from around the globe, thus making it possible to live and experience beautiful interiors.
ELLE DECORATION informs readers about the recent trends in design, art and architecture, conveying knowledge in a sophisticated and appealing manner.
ELLE DECORATION presents products in an inspiring and imaginative setting, creating the desire to change ones own living environment.
ELLE DECORATION loves to travel, exploring cities, showing hotspots, finding the most interesting hotels, discovering parks and gardens.
ELLE DECORATION links design trends with trends from other lifestyle sectors such as fashion, jewellery or beauty.
ELLE DECORATION is a global player with 25 international issues.
Main target group:
ELLE DECORATION appeals to modern, educated and self-assured women in their mid-thirties to late fifties, who enjoy turning their dreams into reality. The cosmopolitan readers are passionate about aesthetic interiors and design, and like to be inspired by sophisticated ideas. They possess a self-assured sense of style and appreciate the value of their taste for luxury.



  • Frequency: 6 x/year
  • Day of publication: Thursday
  • Copyprice: 6.00 €
  • Basic rate (1/1 page 4c): 20,800 € 1)
  • Reach: 0.59 mn 2)
  • Sold circulation:  76,090 3)
  • Editor-in-Chief: Sabine Nedelchev
1)Prices valid from 01.01.2018.,2)AWA 2017,3)IVW II/18



Readers profile

  Mill. % Index
Total 0.59 100.00  
Women 0.53 88.70 174
30-49 years 0.20 33.80 112
University 0.17 28.30 172
Net income      
3,500 EUR and more 0.15 24.60 225
Source: AWA 2017

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