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  • FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT offers well-researched reportage and combines the comprehensive specialist knowledge of its journalists with the competence of recognised experts.
  • The magazine offers sensitively written information on health in a way which is exciting and of practical use – featuring intelligent texts, detailed graphics and a sumptuous pictorial language.
  • Each issue deals with a special area in all its facets: from how an illness starts, to patient outcomes, to potential therapies and prevention and to the high-tech therapies of tomorrow.
  • FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT is an attractive environment for precise target-group communication in health markets.


FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT stands for intelligent, well-researched journalism with a practical use, journalism which is unique in the market of health publications. The magazine combines the specialist knowledge of its journalists with the competence of recognised experts to create innovative reportage on health.

FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT has a genuine impact. The magazine brings health-conscious people closer to the fascinating world of medicine. The editorial section presents scientific information always in the most digestible form:

  • Exciting, highly pictorial and emotional, like a magazine.
  • Thorough, exact and comprehensive, like a consultant.
  • Immediate, supportive and entertaining, like a friend.
  • Confidence-inspiring and expertly written like a doctor.

FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT readers lead active lives and believe their own health to be their greatest asset. They are nutritionally aware, interested in sports and the arts.

The magazine consistently continues the traditional high expertise in health issues which characterises the news and current-affairs magazine FOCUS. Each issue has a main theme. Scientific correspondents report on prevention and patient outcomes, experts explain new treatment methods, researchers elucidate the high-tech therapies of tomorrow. This is how patients and others interested in their health will find the knowledge they need plus concrete help in staying or getting healthy. The medical practitioners' lists in every issue show Germany's top doctors listed under their areas of expertise. 

In this way FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT offers unique single-theme environments for precisely targeted communication with health markets



  • Frequency: 8 times a year
  • Day of publication: Tuesday
  • Copyprice: 7.90 €
  • Basic rate (1/1 page 4c): 13,890 € 1)
  • Sold circulation:  100,000 2)
  • Editor-in-chief: Jochen Niehaus
1)Prices valid from 01.01.2017.,2)Printed Circulation = Publisher's Statement


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