Frau im Trend - Read about the newest trends and be one step ahead!

Frau im Trend –
Read about the newest trends and be one step ahead!

Why Frau im Trend?

  • Frau im Trend sells significantly more than its direct competitors (Frau von Heute / Alles für die Frau).
  • The readership of Frau im Trend is very responsive to advertising.
  • According to its CPT rate, Frau im Trend belongs to the most profitable titles in the women’s weeklies segment. On account of its broad reader structure it can be booked in combination with Lisa and Freizeit Revue, benefiting thus from favourable discounts.

About Frau im Trend

Frau im Trend is the news magazine for modern women who lead their lives according to their own design. The magazine offers value for money: not only does it convey facts and figures, but it also addresses its readers on an emotional level being thus the perfect companion for all situations in life.
Within the women’s weeklies segment, Frau im Trend is a title which combines high circulation rates with very high CPT performance rates. Its readership is aged 40 to 69 and qualifies as very responsive to advertising.


  • Frequency: weekly
  • Day of publication: Friday
  • Copyprice: 0.99 €
  • Basic rate (1/1 page 4c): 18,040 € 1)
  • Sold circulation:  216,900 2)
  • Editor-in-chief: Maria Sandoval
1)Prices valid from 01.01.2018.,2)IVW III/18


International Sales

Readers profile

  Mill. % Index
Total 0.52 100.00  
Women 0.51 99.50 196
40-69 years 0.37 71.30 150
Sec. school (without apprenticeship) 0.06 11.00 140
Net income      
2,500 to 3,000 EUR 0.09 17.00 151
Source: ma 2018 II

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