HIDEAWAYS (Classic) - Luxury travel for Premium Consumer

HIDEAWAYS (Classic) –
Luxury travel for Premium Consumer


  • One of the most exclusive travel magazines in the world
  • First calss photography, superb layout and highest quality in printing
  • 20.000 copies on board first class Lufthansa and other airlines


A new dimension for a travel magazine

About Hideaways

Since its launch in 1996, HIDEAWAYS has established itself as one of the most exclusive travel magazines in the world. The “classic” edition, appearing twice a year in March and September, has become “the” magazine for all connoisseurs and premium travelers in Germany, Austria,  Luxembourg and Switzerland.
Our successful additional publications, HIDEAWAYS Ski, HIDEAWAYS Golf & Wellness and HIDEAWAYS Suite Dreams enables us to meet the interests of our target group in the field of luxury travel more effectively. In addition, the new HIDEAWAYS „Best of Italy“, appearing in May, will become another extraordinary edition.
First class photography, a superb layout and the highest quality in printing sets the benchmark
among all premium magazines. Every hotel featured in HIDEAWAYS has been visited personally and researeched on the spot, all articles are produced exclusively for Klocke Publishing Company.

The circulation of each issue is 60,000 copies, from which a third is supplied to First Class of Lufthansa on international flights, to all Senator Lounges worldwide, Business Classes of other airlines and a lot of VIP-lounges and business-clubs. HIDEAWAYS is also available for its sophisticated readership at the suites of all featured hotels, at exclusive newsstands and at a selected number of the best travel agents. The list of the 10 000 private subscribers, among which are a lot of celebrities, reads like a “who is who” from show-business, politics and industry.



  • Frequency: twice a year 1)
  • Copyprice: 8.00 €
  • Basic rate (1/1 page 4c): 11,000 € 2)
  • Chief Editor: Thomas Klocke, Martina Klocke
1)March and September,2)Prices HIDEAWAYS Classic valid from 01.01.2017.


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