HIGH LIFE - International Lifestyle For Men

International Lifestyle For Men


  • HIGH LIFE - always in search of excellence!
  • Our features on every sphere of life are meticulously researched
  • First class photography, lavish layout and production
  • The major features in two languages
  • Handpicked target group
  • Also distributed in Lufthansa First Class and in all Senator Lounges worldwide


Competence, serious and elegant - HIGH LIFE is the ultimate magazine for the exclusive lifestyle for a modern gentleman


Since its successful launch, HIGH LIFE has established itself as the ultimate magazine for exclusive international lifestyle. Its editorial concept is based on creating articles of interest to sophisticated men with very discerning tastes. Like all its other magazines, Klocke Publishing Company sets great store by making sure that almost all the articles and features in this premium magazine are produced exclusively for HIGH LIFE.

The readers of HIGH LIFE really appreciate its serious nature. Indeed, they would rather enjoy a good bottle of Bordeaux than deny themselves to achieve "six-pack abs" and rather read professionally researched exclusive lifestyle articles on a range of issues than be entertained by naked models.

All articles are produced exclusively for HIGH LIFE. First class photography, lavish layout and production, and the major features in two languages, are defining aspects of all our publications, and they also apply to this magazine. An outstanding framework is provided to convey lasting images of exclusive products.
HIGH LIFE ist available to its hanpicked target group on board Lufthansa First Class an in all Senator Lounges worldwide.It is also to be found in top business clubs, exclusive car showrooms and retail outlets, and is distributed to executives in the fields of industry and commerce. The magazin is also stocked by selected newsagents, mainly at airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


  • Frequency: 3 x/year 1)
  • Day of publication: Friday
  • Copyprice: 7.00 €
  • Basic rate (1/1 page 4c ): 12,500 € 2)
  • Sold circulation:  100,000 3)
  • Chief Editor: Thomas Klocke
1)Spring/Summer, Fall, Winter,2)Prices valid from 01.01.2017.,3)Guaranteed Circulation = Publisher's Statement


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