Lisa Kochen & Backen - Cooking with passion - baking with love - eating with pleasure

Lisa Kochen & Backen –
Cooking with passion - baking with love - eating with pleasure


  • Strong reach: ranks as the third-strongest title in the food magazines segment counting 670,000 readers per issue according to media Analysis 2017 II
  • Offers good value for money: ranks as second title in the food segment in terms of CPM (women)
  • Very useful for everyday cooking: simple and inspiring.


Lisa Kochen & Backen offers inspiration for cuisine and lifestyle – ideal for young couples and families who despite limited time are very discerning as far as food and hospitality are concerned.


About Lisa Kochen & Backen

Every month Lisa Kochen & Backen introduces its readers to a whole a new world of experience!
Everyone who has fun cooking is passionate about baking and enjoys eating gets inspired by the variety of ideas and suggestions in the magazine. A plethora of best recipes turns everyday cooking chores into a daily gourmet experience; ideal for young family households with limited time and yet high demands.
The balanced editorial and conceptual layout offers a clear and concise topic overview. The readers can thus find the recipes they are interested in very easily.

Each issue has in store recipes to fulfil everyone’s expectations: from everyday cuisine with fast and economical dishes to traditional and international cuisine.
Helpful tips, latest and most interesting product news, useful information on health and nutrition topics as well as suggestions for kitchen equipment and household tips complete the profile of the magazine.
The brand Lisa Kochen & Backen lives cross-medially on the portal (also Word of Mouth on genuss-experten freundeskreis); our readers and users are finding there comprehensive information on food and gourmet topics and a multitude of recipes in our recipe database.



  • Frequency: monthly
  • Day of publication: Wednesday
  • Copyprice: 1.95 €
  • Basic rate (1/1 page 4c): 14,000 € 1)
  • Reach: 0.67 Mio. 2)
  • Sold circulation:  76,677 3)
  • Editor-in-Chief: Gabriele Höger
1)Prices valid from 01.01.2018.,2)ma 17 II,3)IVW III/2017


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    Claudia Hörth

    Claudia Hörth
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    Marion Rapp

    Marion Rapp
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    Ad/Order Management

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    Nina Winter

    Nina Winter
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Readers profile

  Mill. % Index
Total 0.67 100.00  
Women 0.65 97.15 191
40-69 years 0.38 57.10 120
Secondary modern school 0.26 39.20 132
Net income      
2,500 to 3,000 EUR 0.12 17.64 146
Source: ma 2017 II

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