Mein Buffet - Your Magazine for Cooking, Enjoying and Living

Mein Buffet –
Your Magazine for Cooking, Enjoying and Living

Why Mein Buffet?

  • Alone at the top: No other magazine scores so successfully with the credibility and authenticity of renowned TV experts
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Mein Buffet convinces with creative recipe ideas using fresh seasonal ingredients. Everyone can find here their favourite recipe – and their favourite cook! Mein Buffet accompanies many TV shows and TV cooks and presents every month in an oversize bound-in insert the best recipes of popular TV cooks. Furthermore, Mein Buffet is a guide for all areas of life: from decorations, hospitality and exciting reports to expert interviews on consumer information, law and health.

About Mein Buffet

Mein Buffet presents the best recipes of TV cooks: from ARD buffet to Lafer, Lichter, delicious - the readers experience here their favourite cooks very closely and find numerous delicious recipes to test and taste. The focus is on recipe ideas that are easy to cook: fresh, seasonal and regional ingredients are surprisingly combined - recipe classics experience their revival and are served both in a classic and trendy way. Alongside recipes, special attention is paid to baking ideas that are also easy to test. Deserts as well as recommendations of beverages complete the culinary mix.
Mein Buffet attaches great value to a beautiful home: Decoration ideas for home and garden, simple flower arrangements, natural beautiful ornaments for the table, little creative ideas of great effect are a source of inspiration for the readers. Favourite places to relax and enjoy can thus be created very easily.
Mein Buffet loves life: exciting reports on culinary topics, travel stories about far and near destinations, tips for unexpected short trips - all selected and visited by the editorial team and travel experts – offer informative and interesting insights and suggestions. Mein Buffet offers glimpses behind the scenes, reports on culinary TV shows and their makers and presents the most popular TV stars.
Mein Buffet is a constant companion for the readers during their day: new and important health topics are the focus here, as well as natural medicines and remedies. Every month self-made medicines are presented. Well-known experts and medical doctors are answering questions to a variety of topics – also to all guide topics around new case law, household and many more.
Mein Buffet stands for competence and the high quality, for joy of life and enjoyment - a treat for body and soul.




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