MEIN SCHÖNER GARTEN - Europe´s biggest garden magazine

Europe´s biggest garden magazine

Why mein schÖner Garten?

  • The trend is clear: An increasing number of people are spending more and more of their leisure time in their gardens. Gardening is one of the most favourite leisure-time activities.
  • MEIN SCHÖNER GARTEN is Europe´s best selling garden magazine.
  • MEIN SCHÖNER GARTEN combines the advantages of both, a special interest magazine and a general interest title: An excellent target group and loyal readership in addition to extensive coverage and good value ad space.
  • MEIN SCHÖNER GARTEN is an ideal advertising medium, extending far beyond the garden sector.


MEIN SCHÖNER GARTEN targets an active, open, high-income readership with its informative, creative and service-orientated content every month. With 40 years experience, MEIN SCHÖNER GARTEN guarantees high quality and editorial competence.


About Mein schöner Garten

The trend is clear: more and more people are spending more and more leisure time in their garden. Gardening is by far the most favourite leisure-time activity, tendency rising. In ones own garden one can find and eyperience relaxation, creativity and joie de vivre.
Every month Mein schöner Garten offers information and inspiration for an activity, widely-interested and high-income target group. Mein schöner Garten is a sophisticated magazine with over 35 years´ experience in high editorial competence and sound expert advice.




Take advantage of all the plus-points a special interest magazine and a big consumer publication have to offer. Excellent target group quality and a close reader-journal bond paired with wide coverage and economic viability make Mein schöner Garten an ideal advertising medium that extends far beyond the garden sector.



  • Frequency: monthly
  • Day of publication: Thursday
  • Copyprice: 3.80 €
  • Basic rate (1/1 page 4c): 28,200 € 1)
  • Reach: 2.36 m 2)
  • Sold circulation:  302,482 3)
  • Editor-in-chief: Andrea Kögel
1)Prices valid from 01.01.2018.,2)ma 17 II,3)IVW III/2017


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    Claudia Hörth
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    Marion Rapp
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    Ad/Order Management

    Ad/Order Management

Readers profile

  Mill. % Index
Total 2.36 100.00  
Women 1.48 62.87 123
40 years + 2.12 89.89 138
Secondary modern school 0.88 37.18 125
Net income      
3,000 EUR and more 1.13 48.13 120
Source: ma 2017 II

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