SUPERillu - moves the East

SUPERillu –
moves the East

Why SUPERillu?

  • SUPERillu is the most widely read consumer magazine in the eastern German states
  • Agenda-setting
  • Media-homeland
  • Result: A Media plan without SUPERillu is a plan for West Germany. Only with SUPERillu it will be pan-German.


SUPERillu is the (media) top dog in East Germany. It achieves its importance, not only by the size, but mainly through authenticity. This brings credibility and sympathy, which leads to trust - and can be applied to advertising. Thus SUPERillu is indispensable for communication and sales.


About SUPERillu

Market East

Nearly 17 million consumers live in eastern Germany. That's almost as many as in North Rhine Westphalia. With a purchasing power of households of 289 billion euros, eastern Germany even surpasses Bavaria.
[MB-Research; Nürnberg, 2012]


  • Frequency: weekly
  • Day of publication: Thursday
  • Copyprice: 1.90 €
  • Basic rate (1/1 page 4c): 25,140 € 1)
  • Sold circulation:  258,024 2)
  • Editor-in-Chief: Stefan Kobus
1)Prices valid from 01.01.2018.,2)IVW III/2017


International Sales

Readers profile

  Mill. % Index
Total 2.26 100.00  
Main audience      
East (without Berlin) 1.67 73.80 472
Women 1.45 64.02 126
40-69 years 1.20 53.10 112
Net income      
2,500 to 3,000 EUR 0.31 13.52 112
Source: ma 2017 II

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