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BUNTE.de –
The people portal

best reasons for BUNTE.de

  • Europe’s leading people portal
  • reports about the latest people
  • New lifestyle channel: beauty, fashion, health and automotive topics
  • AND: BUNTE.de is younger, more feminine, more modern, more topical and faster.
BUNTE.de is the top address when it comes to German celebrities and international stars. Being the unchallenged market leader in reporting about royal families, BUNTE.de is young, feminine and fast – and therefore an essential reference for other celebrity websites.
Who is with whom? Who was seen where? Who is wearing what? On 365 days a year, BUNTE.de answers the burning questions of its users with countless articles, photos and videos. On top of that, there’s everything to know about the latest trends – from fashion & beauty and automotive & travel to health & nutrition.
In a nutshell: BUNTE.de is the perfect mix of celebrities and lifestyle.
BUNTE offers all celebrity news and lifestyle subjects from Europe's greatest people magazine on mobile phones.
The iPhone app as well as the mobile web present several ad units like celebrity (homepage), society, royals and videos.
Daily horoscope, sweepstakes, a personalized front page with individual user interests and the possibility to get all news of favorite celebrities automatically. This is the uniqueness of BUNTE.
Bunte Ipad App
BUNTE IPad app is especially designed for Apple Ipad and supports not only the touchscreen service, but also landscape and portrait view.
Directly after the launch of the BUNTE iPad app it owns enormous popularity.




  • Portal name: BUNTE.de
  • Unique User: 7.92 m 1)
  • Page Impressions: 82.47 m 2)
  • Visits: 32.08 m 3)
  • Newsletter subscribers: 74.555 4)
  • facebook fans: 1.120.288 5)
  • video views: 9,77 6)
Sources: 1)daily digital facts 10/2018, Base 16 years + ,2)IVW 10/18,3)IVW 10/18,4)Publisher's Statement,5)facebook 01.10.2018,6)IVW 10/18


The typical BUNTE.de user is...

  • is female (64%) 
  • is aged between 20 and 49 (53%)
  • has a higher education (73%) 
  • is employed (77%) 
source: AGOF daily digital-facts 2018-10

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