burdastyle.de - The platform for peolpe who sew

burdastyle.de –
The platform for peolpe who sew

Why burdastyle.de

  • 700 sewing patterns are available within burdastyle.de shop
  • new integration of the US community platform
  • interactive exchange within the community
  • integration of facebook content, twitter and social bookmarks
  • video-vontent: how to do`s, fashion shows etc.


client integration and crossmedia packages

burdastyle.de targets women with an interest in fashion and enthusiasm for sewing as well as information and a service platform with an integrated community and a shop.
exclusive sponsorship of theme specials
promotion formats with promotion teaser
promotional ideas
video channel for a perfect placement of video ads




  • Portal name: burdastyle.de
  • Unique User: 0.21 Mio 1)
  • Page Impressions: 3.94 Mio 2)
  • Visits: 0.58 Mio 3)
  • Newsletter subscribers: 21.185
  • facebook fans: 137.478 4)
  • Pinterest follower: 61.082 5)
Sources: 1)AGOF digital facts 2016-08 (base: 14 years + / average month),2)IVW 10/16,3)IVW 10/16,4)Novermber 2016,5)November 2016

target group

The typical burda style user is...

  • female
  • aged between 20 and 59  
  • and has a houshold net income of 3.000 Euro and more