burdastyle.de - The platform for peolpe who love to sew

burdastyle.de –
The platform for peolpe who love to sew

Why burdastyle.de

  • Content and service: burdastyle.de provides everything you need to get inspired to sew: sewing pattern downloads, detailed step-by-step instructions and how-to-videos. The opulently orchestrated imagery of our fashion productions constitute the inspirational foundation for our users. Our facebook content, twitter account and social bookmarks are integrated in the website.
  • Community: our interactive community enables exchange about fashion, trends and patterns amongst our users. They can upload their own creations and provide each other with advice.
  • Actuality: besides the monthly printmedium, burdastyle.de provides the latest and most current trends in fashion and lifestyle on a daily basis.
  • Online shop: more than 7.000 patterns are available in the burdastyle.de webshop. This offer is complemented by instructions, sewing accessoires, our print magazine and its special editions.

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burdastyle.de targets women with an interest in fashion and enthusiasm for sewing as well as information and a service platform with an integrated community and a shop.
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  • Newsletter subscribers: 24.427
  • facebook fans: 159,184 4)
  • Pinterest follower: 73,000 5)
Sources: 1)AGOF digital facts 2018-08 (base: 14 years + / average month),2)IVW 08/18,3)IVW 08/18,4)12.09.2018,5)Stand: 12.09.2018

target group

The typical burda style user is...

  • female
  • aged between 20 and 49  
  • and has a houshold net income of 3.000 Euro and more



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