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Why daskochrezept.de?

  • Guide: DASKOCHREZEPT.de is the growing cooking and baking competence plattform in the internet! The site presents useful information for beginners as well as for ambitious cooks and bakers and gives the chance to communicate with other cooking enthusiasts.
  • Treat-variety: More than 86,000 recipies for baking, cooking and drinks, various editorial videos plus an active community with more than 50,000 registered members account for the atractiveness of the site.
  • Cooking and baking community: The community is the heart of DASKOCHREZEPT.de and presents therefore a plattform where the members can talk about the Germans most popular hobby or recover tips coming from proved cooking experts.


High usability, unique design, far reach.








  • Portal name: daskochrezept.de
  • Unique User: 1.45 m 1)
  • Page Impressions: 8.06 m 2)
  • Visits: 1.36 m 3)
  • Newsletter subscribers: 215.000 4)
  • facebook fans: 349,770 5)
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The typical daskochrezept.de user...

  • is predominantly female (78%)
  • aged between 20 and 49 years (67%)
  • is employed (66%)
  • owns a net income of 3.000 € and more (39%)
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