FIRST IN FOOD - Germany´s premium food network

Germany´s premium food network


  • FIRST IN FOOD is Germany´s premium food network
  • FIRST IN FOOD is more than just food and drinks
  • FIRST IN FOOD links the strong publisher brands and food experts to food websites, blogs, social media
  • FIRST IN FOOD is a market leading combination with top coverage in your target group

FIRST IN FOOD is the growing cooking and baking competence in the world wide web! The websites offers novices in cooking as well as experienced hobby cooks and bakers multi-facetted information and a platform to exchange experiences and ideas.
The FIRST IN FOOD network consists of:
CULINARY DIVERSITY: more than 85,000 cooking, baking and drinks recipes, countless editorial videos as well as an active community with more than 50,000 registered users.
COOKING AND BAKING COMMUNITY: The community is the heart of FIRST IN FOOD and offers its users a platform on which they can exchange ideas about the most popular hobby of Germans or to ask cooking experts for advic.




  • Unique User: 2.50 Mio 1)
  • Page Impressions: 13.80 Mio 2)
  • Visits: 4.83 Mio 3)
Sources: 1)daily digital facts 2017-12,2)IVW 2017-12,3)IVW 2017-12



Via FIRST IN FOOD you can target

-  mainly working women
-  between 20 and 59 years old
-  with a HHNI of € 2,000 and higher



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