Guter Rat - The consumer adviser

Guter Rat –
The consumer adviser

Guter Rat Online (i.e. "Good Advice") regards itself as a competent navigator and adviser on all issues relating to household management. Guter Rat occupies a unique position in the business magazine segment: it's the business magazine for the enterprise called 'household'.
The typical Guter user…
  • is more then 30 years old
  • has a higher education
  • is usually employed and has an income of 2000 Euros and more
is especially interested in…
  • computer hard- and software
  • rental cars
  • tickets (airline, train, cinema, concert, sport events) 
  • investements, funds, shares
  • mobile contracts
  • products for telecommunication 
  • books and music
  • health care
  • hotels and vacantions


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