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The highest-circulation magazine for sale in the new easter German states regards its websites as the users 'home in the internet'.


  • Portal name: SUPERillu Online
  • Unique User: 0.14 m 1)
  • Page Impressions: 7.23 m 2)
  • Visits: 0.31 m 3)
Sources: 1)AGOF digital facts 2016-11,2)IVW 01/17,3)IVW 01/17



The typical user…

  • is more then 40 years old
  • has visited a secondary school
  • is employed and has an income of about 2000 Euros and more
is especially interested in…
  • rental cars and airline tickets
  • bets
  • digital cameras
  • computer soft- and hardware
  • music and films

[Source: AGOF digital facts 2015-09, single month ]


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