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Why wohnen-und-garten.de?

  • Besides reports on Living and Garden, we provide Consulting on Presentation and Decoration as well as extensive galleries.
  • The popular Photo-Community and the Forum are perfect playground for Users with special lifestyle to mingle and connect. In addition, a large range of products for sophisticated individuals is offered at the wohnen-und-garten.de-Shop.
  • wohnen-und-garten.de addresses Users looking for fashionable ambience in their House and Garden. They enjoy life and are naturally inspired by beautiful things.


Wohnen & Garten provides information, trends and news about livings, gardens and conviviality.
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The typical Wohnen & Garten Online user…

  • female
  • is 20-49years old
  • has a higher education
  • is employed and has an income of about 3000 Euros and more
…is especially interested in
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