“We tell stories – by, about and with brands”

BCN, Burda’s central marketer, and the content marketing network C3 are setting up b.famous content studios as a 50/50 joint venture. The task of the new studio is to develop tailored and cross-media content campaigns for advertising customers exclusively with the media brands from Hubert Burda Media. 
Christine Fehenberger, the managing director of the new unit, explains what it stands for:
Consumers love high-value editorial content, which is why they buy magazines and use the digital channels of their preferred media brands. Commercial content created on behalf of a brand can also inspire, but only if it is exciting, entertaining and/or informative – if it is relevant to the consumer. This is the goal of b.famous content studios. Our vision is a new form of creative brand communication. We design unmistakeable, creative central ideas that support multi-channel campaigns driven by contentThis is more than just single advertorials and native advertising in the look and feel of the magazine.

The consumer: the focus of communication
Naturally, the client’s brand and product play a role in content campaigns too. But instead of extolling the virtues of the product, we create a bridge between it and the consumer’s world with fascinating, relevant stories. To do so, we use a wide range of journalistic formats. These may be long photo series, reports, interviews, portraits or entire line extensions for a media brand. Small formats that play out over social media also work very well as commercial content, for example live hacks, tutorials or quotes/pictures of the day as mini content pieces. Together, all these different pieces form an overall concept and reach the target group(s) via the relevant channels.
For decades, people have learned that advertising comes from the product or brand. We, however, begin with the consumer and try to find out what fascinates them about a brand and how this can be channelled into journalistic ideas. This is why we speak not of advertising, but of commercial content.
We take our cue from the lives of the target groups and use consumer data to see what interests them and why, which content they search for at certain times of day and night, and how they navigate media offerings in general. With the aid of data analysts, we map the entire customer journey and use this valuable information to develop and, above all, steer our content campaigns.

Commercial content is desirable content
For us, commercial content is therefore driven by journalism, tailored to the target group and above all desirable for the reader. Our close connection and physical proximity to the publishers, brands and editors are particularly helpful. Burda media offer more than just high-quality environments, expertise in content and visuals, highly involved target groups and enormous reach; they also know their readers and exactly what they like.