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Times are changing; the media are changing and the use of media is changing. Nevertheless there is one thing that will never change: the impact of a good idea. It is decisive for the success of a campaign – in the past as well as today and above all in future as well.

Creative Works - Your partner for execution

  • Where? Print and online. Ambient and social media. Moving image and direct marketing. Events and mobile. Apps and augmented reality. Together with our partners we employ all these channels and communication forms in order to implement the leading creative idea of your campaign. We are always ready to try brand-new approaches in the execution of your campaign since there are no limits set to a good idea.
  • How? We listen to our customers and develop leading creative ideas for their campaigns according to their own needs and visions. We enjoy the trust of our readers and users and know what their interests, desires and passions are. Based on this information we choose the appropriate content, forms and channels for your campaigns. Our media are the right choice also as far as reach is concerned: Hubert Burda Media reaches 84.6 percent female and 76.5 percent male readers per year being thus number 1 in the German market.

What happens next?

The Creative Works team loves great ideas! With passion and conceptual brand and media know-how we develop the leading creative idea for your campaign according to your requirements and visions. We build around this leading idea a customized, cross-media marketing concept that integrates all target group relevant Burda platforms and channels, thus increasing considerably the impact of your campaign in terms of advertisement recall, brand awareness, brand image and consumer acceptance.

Have a look at our Best Cases section and get inspired by our already implemented brand campaigns. Or give us a call. We can assure you that we are as good listeners as we are communicators!



Convergence with BCN

Convergence Is the Result of Media Mix and Cross-media

The digital world changed the mechanisms of advertising. Target groups turn into individuals who have to be reached and above all activated.
This is one of the reasons why there is an increasing demand for cross-media, technology neutral platforms.
Innovative marketing focuses on other techniques: by means of convergent campaigns the different media forms are melting into one major unit which concentrates on reaching the customer’s objectives.

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