The Content Marketing Process - Influencer Marketing is the new king of content

Conception and planning: We offer our clients profound consulting and professionally realise their objectives.
Content production: Our influencers produce creative and authentic content.
Content seeding and promotion: The content is spread via the influencers’ social channels. The brand channels of Hubert Burda Media guarantee further coverage and reach.
Monitoring: We report contents, reach and contact figures in detail.


Our influencer campaigns are successful and measureable

Choose a brand – your marketing partner provides additional reach.

  • 83% of the influencers provide their feedback
  • 94% of the influencers recommend the tested products
  • 70% of the influencers keep buying the tested products
  • 42% of the friends buy the products on the influencer‘s recommendation
We measure
Activities & reach: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, rating platforms and more
Brand metrics: Net Promoter Score, Word-of-Mouth Marketing Index, Brand Advocacy Index, Semantic Differential
Campaign key figures: Test reports and reviews, photos, videos, creative content


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Christina Dreher
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