User Content - Influencers create relevant content for your brand

Influencers are involved in Word of Mouth, content creation- or content sharing campaigns, raise sales and give valuable insights.

Real people with real friends and non-commercial channels and profiles test and recommend products, create and share content. Convinced and enthusiastic influencers become customers and affect their private environment with their opinions.
Individual relationship management: We support our users on a one to one basis, moderate and direct every campaign. Professional journalists create an editorial context for every product and brand.
Influencers share and create content on your preferred social channels. They are dedicated and experienced, enthusiastically write reviews, post pictures and videos and produce creative content. Without any payment or bonus system!
On their social channels, blogs and on rating platforms influencers from your target group spread your content. The Burda media brands provide additional reach on all media channels.




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Christina Dreher
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