1. Health Lab by Burda: The successful premiere of a new event format in the health industry

BurdaLife and BCN welcomed last week in Munich an exclusive circle of experts and decision-makers in the health and pharmaceutical industry as well as the healthcare marketing to the “1st Health Lab by Burda”.
The “Health Lab by Burda” defines itself as an innovative event focusing on the future of the health market. An attractive mix of networking event, lectures and a so-called “Private Expo” of founders and visionaries provides the guests of the “Health Lab by Burda” with interesting and varied insights into the future of the healthcare market.

Responses to the event:
"Great lectures, very good atmosphere and a wonderful opportunity to network.”
(Dr. Jürgen Kreimeyer, Managing Director Marketing & Sales MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG)  

“Pure inspiration! In an extraordinary setting.”
(Florian Schmittgall, Managing Director and Shareholder Schmittgall Group)

“This kind of event is exactly what the healthcare scene still needed. It examines the industry from a totally different angle than other events do – any time again."
(Ariane Kaestner, Managing Director and Owner of the Heilerde-Gesellschaft Luvos Just GmbH & Co. KG)
Please find further information in the press realease on burda.de.