BCN and BULGARI: Ad Special causes change of perspective on ELLE cover

Cover highlight: For its new jewellery collection, Bulgari implemented together with BCN (Burda Community Network) an eye-catching ad special.  The “lenticular cover” of the subscription circulation of ELLE 11/2015 shows depending on the visual angle either the Bulgari jewellery ad or the cover image of ELLE. There is a smooth switchover between the two images. The lenticular cover has been produced by BCN together with the media agency Carat Hamburg.
Bulgari Marketing Director Andrea Pogany: “I am pleased with the successful presentation of our new jewellery collection and the good cooperation with Carat Hamburg and BCN. The astonishing cover presents us as brand with a maximum exposure and in a very high-class format in the context of ELLE.”
The BCN Ad Special team that had already been awarded several prizes for its previous accomplishments had to deliver very high precision work during the production process. In the case of the lenticular technique, the printing is not done on paper, but on transparent film, which due to a row of rod-shaped lenses shows completely different images depending on the visual angle. The film is then glued to the cover.
“The production was a bit of a challenge, but we mastered it successfully. The plastic representation of the subject and the sensory perception are especially agreeable for the reader”, Otto Kiefer, Head of Production Management BCN explains.
Sabine Adleff, Head of Brand Management BurdaStyle Luxury: “ELLE as a high-end title is predestined for an exceptional form of brand presentation as in the case of Bulgari – a project that has been accomplished in a particularly skilful and successful way.”


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