BurdaLife launches the new magazine "ma vie"

"ma vie" will be first published on September 4, 2015 in Lumbeck binding and high-quality finishing at a copy price of € 5.95 and with a print run of 150,000 copies.


ma vie - The art of taking your time

"ma vie" is an invitation to take your time and reflect upon the questions: where do I stand in my life? Which other options or approaches do I have? Do I get inspired by new ideas and free associations? “ma vie” does not pursue a higher-faster-further course. It is rather about traditional values, sensible consumption and quality.
The magazine includes five sections: the section “Conscious Living” reports on personalities who adopted an unconventional way of life or people who broke with tradition and stroke a completely different path in life. The section “Attention to Detail” shows people who allow themselves time for leisure, for creative handcrafts, people with sustainable visions and inspiring ideas. In New Perspectives, exciting and useful topics from the areas of psychology, spirituality and philosophy show the readers new approaches to life and its chances. A further section invites to “Designing and Enjoying” with its feel-good pages which address the senses. To slow down the pace, switch off and travel not only in their dreams – these are the topics of the section “Experience Nature”.
The target group includes women, who intend to jump off the merry-go-round of their fast-paced everyday life, without having to escape into a psychological idyll. They are modern, self-reflective, open-minded women, who want to live their lives in a more conscious way.
ma vie – the women’s magazine between Apple, Amazon and mindfulness!



Format: 213 x 277 mm (wxh)
Design: high quality, Lumbeck binding
Copyprice: 5,95 €
Print run: 150.000 copies
  • 1/2015: 1st day of sale: 04.09.15, Closing date: 03.08.15
  • 2/2015: 1st day of sale: 06.11.15, Closing date: 05.10.15
  • 1/2016: 1st day of sale: 08.01.15, Closing date: 27.11.2015

Ad rate 1/1 page: 14.900 €


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