IVW I/17: Stable to positive

The fact that print media still plays a major role in the times of Instagram and Co. is shown by IVW's published quarterly circulation figures. The Burda magazines show a partly stable, partly very pleasing development in circulation. The fashion magazine InStyle registers an increase in newsstand sales and subscriptions, whereas the titles Bunte and Freundin show a slight plus in newsstand sales and subscriptions. BurdaNews and BurdaHome also enjoy small increases and a stable circulation.
Instyle gains in newsstand sales and subscriptions
The new layout of Instyle enjoys great popularity with the readers. In the hard currency of newsstand sales the monthly fashion magazine enjoys an increase of 5.6 per cent. In the last quarter, Instyle had increased its newsstand sales by more than five per cent and the subscriptions by 3.5 per cent. With a total of 311,865 sold copies, Instyle continues to be Germany's leading fashion magazine.
Elle Decoration is constantly gaining new readers. The interior magazine is gaining 2.3 per cent in total sales, with an increase of 11.5 per cent in subscriptions and of 4.4 per cent in newsstand sales.
Bunte: strong market leader in the people segment
Contrary to the current downward trend, Bunte has stable circulation figures in newsstand and total sales and remains the undisputed leader of the people segment. Bunte sells nearly half a million copies every week (464,815, IVW 1/2017). The development of the “hard edition” (newsstand sales plus subscriptions) shows a plus of one per cent. Subscriptions register a growth of 8.7 per cent to 90,704 Bunte subscriptions. Starting with issue 17 (first publication day: 20 April 2017) the copy price of Bunte is EUR 3.70 instead of EUR 3.40.
Freundin: A welcome turnaround
After eight quarters, the circulation of Freundin is stable and shows a slight increase (0.47 per cent) in the hard currency of newsstand sales and subscriptions. Currently the biweekly women‘s magazine sells a total of 270,675 copies of which 75,862 copies are being sold at the newsstand. Freundin registers a 1.6 per cent growth in subscriptions – the magazine has 66,570 subscribers. Freundin has recently carried out numerous consumer-oriented activities, e.g. the Freundin Happy Deals. The special Strategy for 2017, which was developed in the second half of 2016, had been implemented together with some new monothematic publications.
Winner of BurdaNews
There are IVW winners also among the BurdaNews titles. Focus-Money convinces at the newsstand and grows by 9.6 per cent. Focus increases the number of its subscribers by 2.2 per cent. TV Schlau gains 9% (9.2%) in newsstand sales and increases its subscriptions by 5.5 per cent. The TV magazine achieves 8.7 per cent in total sales. Playboy increased its sales by 2.1 per cent. The 27.2 per cent increase in the number of e-paper subscribers shows that the brand for men succeeded in mastering the digital transformation. Playboy gains 21.1 per cent in retail sales of the e-paper. The magazine revised its design, the magazine structure and the visuals at the end of last year. The claim had also been adjusted: “Everything that men enjoy” becomes “Everything that men love”. The changes prove to be very popular and convince the younger and technology savvy target group, as the increase in e-papers sales shows.
Stable circulation of BurdaHome
The BurdaHome garden titles around the market leader Mein schöner Gartenshow a relatively stable development compared to the previous year. Gartenspaß registers a slight increase of 4.4% to 90,323 sold copies. In the living and interior magazines segment Frau im Trend Wohnen & Wohlfühlen shows an increase of 3.6 per cent to 81,238 copies. Also titles such as Mein schönes Landhaus and Mein schöner Landgarten remain stable according to the year-on-year comparison.