New Record – 5 Million Visits has every reason to celebrate! With five million visits (IVW December 2016) the digital offer of the fashion magazine rockets to new heights – and expands the digital market leadership of the medium. The website had undergone a complete technical and visual overhaul at the end of 2015 and subsequently registers rapid growth. Within one year more than doubled its traffic – which corresponds to a growth of 2.7 million visits.
On the fast track ranks significantly before the digital offer of the direct competitors such as Cosmopolitan, Jolie and Glamour and has even taken over, the fashion portal of is currently focusing in terms of content on live stream and video. Bianka Morgen, Head of Digital says: “We are experimenting a lot – with Facebook live videos for example, but we also developed a good feeling in the meantime about what works with our target group. The most important learning is that you cannot translate print topics into digital on a one-to-one basis.”
And also the social media channels of the fashion magazine show significant growth. Instyle is with its 471,000 Facebook fans the second largest German women’s magazine on Facebook. Instyle has 293,000 followers on Twitter – 118,000 on Instagram.  
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