The new PLAYBOY - a different kind of man

Playboy Germany is breaking new ground: Its design, structure and visual language have been revamped completely. Playboy will first sport its new look in issue 01/2017 published on 8 December. It also has a new tagline: “Everything men love” replaces “Everything men enjoy”. 

“We are reacting to the constantly changing image of men. A strong man is not the only ideal available anymore. Today it is no longer merely power, wealth and eternal virility that counts. Status symbols have become as diverse as our society. Being affluent no longer only involves what you possess. One man is proud of his lovingly restored sports car, while another guy shows off the visa stamps in his passport. Today a modern man’s identity is based on his knowledge, his passions and his experiences. And Playboy is a club for every modern sophisticated man. There is only one condition to get past the bouncer: being relaxed, tolerant and confident.” Florian Boitin, chief editor of Playboy, explains the reason for the changed look
Rheingold’s men’s survey confirms that the masculine image has changed: “The days of glossy unblemished perfection are over. Now authentic mature men are in demand.” Playboy’s classical style has given way to a more natural (erotic) visual language. 

Playboy also has a new improved introduction. From now on, readers get a succinct overview of news and special features from the entertainment, pleasure, style, travel, and cars and technology areas. But the change in its visual language is most striking. Playboy Germany still includes nudes, but it presents them in a more contemporary manner. Readers can look forward to modern, lively and tangible high-quality images. Art director Stefan Müller’s new magazine layout has a modern design: distinct fonts, strong contrast and an opulent but neat page design. There will also be even more reports, interviews and portraits of people living their dreams in the future.
Playboy's new tagline “Everything men love” reflects the new line taken. The magazine does not only offer its readers “fun”, but creates identification. It also stresses the credibility the Playboy brand enjoys with its target audience.
The Playboy lifestyle magazine for men has been successful on the German market for more than 44 years. “Our international partners consider Playboy Germany the best example of establishing a brand successfully outside the US market”, says Mike Violano, senior vice president at Playboy Enterprises.
Playboy’s print edition currently generates the highest circulation numbers, constantly gaining subscribers. The digital transformation is also successful, with the number of e-papers having increased tenfold this year. More than two million people follow Playboy on Facebook, more than 50,000 have subscribed to the weekly newsletter and the website is visited more than one million times a month.




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