Union Investment „saves“ with BCN

Burda Community Network (BCN) started the "Saving with investment funds" campaign of Union Investment with an eye-catching special in Focus magazine. The campaign started in issue 9 of the Focus magazine with a corner advertisement on the cover. The special twist of this implementation: the topic is advertised on the cover of the Focus magazine and links directly to the AdSpecial in the magazine – this kind of user guidance had been developed for the first time for the Union Investment campaign.
A special staging
The focus lies on the piggy bank as central element of the campaign which is staged as a vario flip – a half-page insert. Through folding to the right and left, the insert completes the image to a one-page ad. The scope of this special presentation is to translate the customer’s message into haptic: “Now it’s up to you to save in a modern way”. A special highlight is the die-cut of the half-page insert.
Individual solution
The AdSpecial had been developed by BCN together with Union Investment, GGH MullenLowe and Mindshare. Michael Samak, Managing Director BCN: “Due to the close power play with customer, creative and media agency we were able to develop an even more individual solution for our customer and continue the creative idea of the campaign in print with an eye-catching performance.”
In order to specifically target the sales channel and the customers, 25,000 issues of the Focus magazine had been distributed to 2,500 bank branches of the cooperative financial services network.




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