Integrated native advertising supports Deutsche Bahn Campaign

“This time belongs to you.” This is the motto of the new campaign launched by Deutsche Bahn (DB – the German Railways) and supported by Hubert Burda Media with an exclusive, large-scale native advertising campaign. Responsible for concept and implementation were C3 Creative Code and Content, Tomorrow Focus Media and Mode Media led by BCN (Burda Community Network).


Four episodes of “Breaking Bad” can be watched during a train journey from Munich to Frankfurt according to the entertainment tips of the TV programme magazine TV Spielfilm. Also a shawl could be knitted following the instructions in the Freundin magazine. Or: one could read. For this is still the favourite pastime during a train journey according to the railway special feature on Focus Online. Deutsche Bahn (DB) launched a campaign under the motto “This time belongs to you” and Burda as media partner fuels it with a large-scale native advertising campaign. Print, online and social content are part of the concept. A genuine team performance because for the creative and implementation processes, BCN engaged experts from C3 (Creative Works), Tomorrow Focus Media and the BCN partner Mode Media.
Native advertising offers solutions that perfectly match visually and in terms of content the platform upon which they appear. A simple advertising message is no longer good enough! Instead, a story is being told at the very point where consumers like to spend time: on websites, in the social web and while reading their favourite magazines.
Via an informational graphic in Focus for example, readers find out more about the personal use of time during train journeys. Freundin inspires with ideas for more creative pastime alternatives. On Focus Online and Huffington Post listicles and suggestions are available while TV Spielfilm provides its train-travelling readers with entertainment tips that take place exactly at the time of travel. All measures generate content and traffic and refer to the platform “This time belongs to you.” (
Travel time is saved time: this is the basic idea nine bloggers are discussing via BCN partner Mode Media. They are staging the topic “creative travel time by train” in their blogs in an innovative and individual way.

The native campaign starts at the beginning of April. Further flights follow in June and September.