Test winning robor vacuum sweeps consumers off their feet

BCN developed for the robotic vacuum cleaner “Kobold VR200” an integrated campaign, which combines word-of-mouth, special advertising formats and social media.


“Recommended by consumers!” Authentic consumer recommendations of products are worth their weight in gold for brands – but they are hard to get. BCN together with the word-of-mouth team and C3 demonstrate that the right combination of referral marketing and cross-media campaign convinces even men to develop a passion for vacuum cleaning.
Vorwerk and BCN developed an integrated campaign for the self-navigating robotic vacuum cleaner “Kobold VR200”. Target group: women and especially tech-savvy men aged 35 to 55. Vorwerk’s campaign focus: set up a word-of-mouth (WoM) campaign on the community platform men’s brands of Burda Intermedia Publishing. The campaign started with call-to-action in Burda media brands end of April. A real challenge because: “Men normally engage less frequently in product tests than women do. Besides, vacuum cleaners do not necessarily belong to their high-involvement products”, Udo Radzio, Head of BCN Client Services Leisure & Living says.
Nevertheless, already in the application phase the project broke the benchmark of interested product testers. 33 selected testers finally became the chance to test the new Kobold VR200 in their own homes. The campaign team set up a special project blog for this campaign on www.mensbrands.de where the testers were able to engage in a lively exchange with other testers and with non-testers as well. “The WoM special relies on the influence and opinion-leading effect testers have: they report in an authentic way on their experiences and share them via their social networks”, Christina Dreher, Head of WoM at Burda Intermedia Publishing explains.
Various advertising formats in the magazines Focus, TV Spielfilm, Das Haus, Freundin and Mein schöner Garten provide further product information, the best exposure and the right buzz for the WoM campaign. Half-page advertorials and a backing card special produced by C3 Creative Code and Content explained for example the reasons why the robotic vacuum cleaner was winner of the Stiftung Warentest – a German consumer organisation involved in investigating and comparing goods and products in an unbiased way. A concept that worked particularly well as the evaluation of the campaign shows: all respondents recommended the “Kobold”.