UNION INVESTMENT effectively leverages BURDA’s integrated native advertising campaign

Accompanying study reveals strong on- and offline performance proven by a seven times longer retention time
Native advertising works across all media – how well, shows the study to a current integrated campaign of Hubert Burda Media for Union Investment. The concept of BCN (Burda Community Network) and its Burda partners was convincing. Also on board: Burda’s central research department Media Market Insights, which proves the success of the approach in the accompanying study. The responsible agency is Mindshare.
The topic “wedding” is the emotional guide thread
There are certain moments in life, when people are making plans about their future. And the future has often something to do with a financial cushion. In the campaign Burda guides the target group (aged 30 to 49) by means of native storytelling in Focus, Focus Online, Freundin and Freundin Online through the “jungle” of the investment world. With the content concentrating around the topic “wedding”, there is a particularly emotional subject in consumers’ lives that moves into focus.

The concept: when a couple gets married, it is a good idea to have a plan – for the most beautiful day in life, but especially with regard to future financial provisions. The print solutions pick up the look and feel of the respective media like, for example, the checklist of Freundin and the info graphic ofFocus. The implemented native solutions produced by C3 Creative Code and Content are visually linked to a classic ad in order to enhance brand perception. On the online platforms Focus and Freundin, topic specials (produced by the Focus Online partner studio BurdaForward) provide eye-catching content in form of articles, listicles and tests. An essential element of the campaign is a combined display ad, which enhances the branding effects.

Performance metrics clearly above the benchmark

The concept works: the results of the study prove it. The study combines eye tracking with a subsequent survey. The Burda solutions perform by far better than the average values in terms of awareness, recall performance and branding. While a traditional 1/1 print ad is watched for about four seconds on the average, the combination between native content and classic ad in Focus makes it to 24 seconds, and in Freundin 28 seconds – both achieve thus TV commercial level.

The online topic specials encourage users to read. Alone the home page of the Freundin special registers a retention time of 91 seconds, Focus Online - 53 seconds. Many sponsored articles capture attention for more than one minute. The collateral branding elements also achieve by far higher values than the average, which emphasizes the effectiveness of native plus display advertising.
Michael Samak, BCN Director Client Services: “Native advertising with relevant content achieves outstanding results in terms of advertising impact. The campaign for Union Investment is based on insight, uses the traditional advertising campaign and is part of the consumer’s universe. The results are best practice and show that the combination of native, content-driven formats and branding works excellently.”
Silke Otte, Head of Sales Management at Union Investment: the native campaign addresses our target group in the prime of life; this is what we liked about the Burda concept. We intend to use event-related topics in order to provide a better understanding of the “investment jungle” and to make our brand claim more tangible and reinforce it in the investors’ minds.”
Further information on the study available upon request.